Bhumi Pujan


“Puja has the power to change destiny and protect from harm. I will do dedicated puja for you in a nearby temple and will email or whatsapp pics and videos as per your preference. Will also guide you with puja related tasks at your end. Any special requirements if you have, we can discuss on phone/whatsapp before start of puja.”

Bhoomi Pujan is a ceremony performed to inaugurate a brand new site for the development of a home or building. This ceremony is conducted in strict conformance to Vaastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of structures and architecture.Pandit Madan ji performs all kind of puja services by following a proper traditional method.

“Actual cost will be discussed over messaging, Rs 5000 is advance fee for confirming that I will do Puja for you. After agreement on actual cost, you will need to pay the remaining balance.”


Bhoomi Puja is usually carried out in the morning, which is considered most auspicious for this ceremony. According to Hindu beliefs, by performing this ‘puja’ the right energy and natural elements surrounding the site can be propitiated. Usually the time chosen is in accordance to the ‘Vaastu Muhurtam,’ which is the time when the ‘Vaastu Purusha’ (energy surrounding the site) is believed to be in full strength.After Bhumi Poojan You can start the work, whenever you want  and there is no need to choose the best Muhurat for starting work as the Bhoomi pujan is itself considered the inititation of the work of construction


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