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Puja for Annaprashan


“Puja has the power to change destiny and protect from harm. I will do dedicated puja for you in a nearby temple and will email or whatsapp pics and videos as per your preference. Will also guide you with puja related tasks at your end. Any special requirements if you have, we can discuss on phone/whatsapp before start of puja.

“Actual cost will be discussed over messaging, Rs 5000 is advance fee for confirming that I will do Puja for you. After agreement on actual cost, you will need to pay the remaining balance.”



“Annaprashan Puja ceremony is completed once the baby is in fifth to eight months old. It’s done at that age because at that period the child gains the strength to digest the cereals and rice.The term “anna” means that ‘food’ mainly ‘boiled rice’ and “Prasana” means that ‘eating’ specifically ‘the initial feeding of a child.Pandit Amit Raturi ji provides all puja services by following traditional methods.

The objective of this ceremony is to pray to God to bless the child with good digestive powers. It is an auspicious occasion where all friends and family come together and bless the child for good health and life.
This ritual is important because calls upon all the Gods, with Agni being a witness, and bless the child with good health and good life. It helps purify any impurities the child attained so far in his life. It also marks the introduction of a child inside our society and the human world.


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Positive results after the puja

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Raghav Prasad

I am very thankful to Pandit ji. After the auspicious puja things are working well.