Gems for your career, health, relationships or future – Guidance Only


We can supply Gems stones of any colour, grade, cut clarity.We Consult and prescribe Gems stones related to health, healing, Career and Prosperity purposes.


Our gemstone specialist astrologers of global approbation suggest wearing of any gemstone after extensive and meticulous observation of the birth chart of his each client. Things considered while making observation and analysis are location and nature of planets in the birth chart, transit of planets, good and bad effects of planets, good and bad astrology yogas, etc. Besides suggesting the most curative or beneficial gemstone, Pandit Madan ji also gives guidance regarding the most auspicious time to wear the suggested gemstone on specific finger, the most suitable metal for the pedestal ring, and the purifying and energizing mantra and process to be performed well before wearing the gemstone-studded ring.


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